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Avian influenza (bird flu)

Since 14 December 2020, it is a legal requirement for all bird keepers to keep their birds indoors and to follow strict biosecurity measures in order to limit the spread of and eradicate the disease.

Keep your chickens and turkeys housed. If you do not have a purpose-built building you could use a garden shed, garage or polytunnel provided there is adequate light and ventilation.

  • If there are any gaps in your poultry housing where wild birds could get in, block them or cover with netting.

  • If it is impossible for you to house your birds you must keep them separate from wild birds in a totally netted enclosure.

  • Feed and water must be indoors.

  • Do not keep your birds in the same buildings or enclosures as ducks or geese.

  • Make your premises unattractive to wild birds.

  • Use bird scarers, foils or streamers.

  • Store bedding inside to reduce the risk of contamination.

  • Non-compliance with these biosecurity measures may be an offence.

Read full details of the housing measures and biosecurity requirements at:


For further information in pdf format please click here

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