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Covid 19 Community Support Plan and request for volunteers

We now find ourselves in a situation where our community is being asked to support the most vulnerable in our midst and your help is needed.

Arrangements have been made for those who are self-isolating to order and pay for food over the phone at the Knighton Stores for the period of this health crisis. This also includes Hennock and Teign Village. We will need volunteers in all three communities to collect/deliver orders and to help with prescription collections.

There are no expectations of taking the groceries into the house; they will be left on the doorstep as we want everyone to be safe. It is hoped we can find volunteers for each road/street to lighten the work load.

Isolation for those living on their own is a terrible thing so volunteers will also be needed to make daily telephone calls to those who request it. This may be a suitable activity for those who have isolated themselves.

If you need support please print & complete the form by clicking on "I need help" and call 07801023318 for it to be collected from your front door. This is a free service. Do not give any money to people who knock on your door or call you. We will not ask for money.

If you can volunteer to help please print & click the form by clicking on "Volunteer Register".


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