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Dartmoor National Park Management Plan consultation - have your say

A public consultation on the emerging Dartmoor National Park Management Plan has been extended until May 31.

The Management Plan is a bold and ambitious partnership plan to ensure Dartmoor continues to be protected and enhanced in the future.

It describes for everyone what the main issues, priorities, opportunities and challenges are whilst encouraging everyone to work together to conserve and enhance the special qualities of Dartmoor National Park, for the benefit of all.

So far, more than 260 responses have been offered in response to the consultation.

People can get involved and share their views in an online survey.

Dartmoor National Park Authority Chair Pamela Woods said: “I want to thank everyone who has taken part in the Management Plan consultation so far. We have had encouraging and interesting comments and opinions.

“While many minds are, rightly, focused on continuing to respond the coronavirus pandemic, it is still important that we get people’s views to help ensure we are moving in the right direction with how Dartmoor is managed in the future.

“That is why we have decided to extend the time in which people can make comments. I urge anyone who is interested in Dartmoor to take part. We are keen to get as many views as we can, so be sure to join in with the consultation so you can help all of us work together and collectively look after this special landscape.”

The Management Plan is a plan for the National Park as a whole and for people who live, work and visit it. The Authority, along with many other organisations and local communities, will play a crucial role in delivering it.

A range of organisations and communities of interest have been involved in debating issues and developing the plan over the last 18 months.

It addresses topics including climate change, cultural heritage, nature and natural beauty, farming and forestry, future generations, visitor management and communities and business.

The draft plan has been prepared on behalf of Dartmoor National Park by the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) as the body charged with that statutory responsibility.