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Grit Bins

Information from Devon County Council's Website

Grit bins are provided on roads that are not normally treated at known troublespots such as steep hills and frost hollows. They are intended for use on the public highway and not on private drives and paths.

Grit bins are re-filled when we are made aware that they are empty. You can report an empty bin here. You can also use this link to see the locations of our grit bins and to report a damaged bin or a bin with contents that are unuseable.

Alternatively you can contact the Roads and Transport team on 0345 155 1004. You will need to provide a clear location and if there is a label inside the bin lid please also provide the reference number found on the label.

There are approximately 3500 grit bins in Devon and whilst we try and keep them all well stocked we cannot be everywhere at once. Please be patient, we will refill grit bins in a group in areas, for efficiency reasons.

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