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Hennock Parish Council's Consultation about Teignbridge's Draft Local Plan

At last night’s monthly planning meeting, the committee discussed how we should communicate with the residents of Chudleigh Knighton to ensure they understand.  

1. What has been proposed by Teignbridge in their DRAFT local plan for 2020-2040. 

2. The importance of Hennock Parish Council responding on behalf of the residents using their feedback. 

3. The importance of individuals responding directly and how they can do this via Teignbridge’s online survey and with paper copies of their questionnaire.  

Therefore the following will be happening.  

1. Leaflet drop through all doors in Chudleigh Knighton including proposals and how to respond. 

2.  Posters in key areas around the village.  

3. Weekend Public consultation event at the village hall where you can see the plans.  Make your comments to Hennock Parish Council and learn how to give your feedback direct to Teignbridge.  

4. Information in newsletters and in the Knighton News.  

5.  Information on our website and Facebook page.

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