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An old photograph of Chudleigh Knighton Village Hall

Village Hall

The Village Hall was built in 1893 as a Working Men’s Club by Rt. Hon. Charles Seale Hayne, MP of Pitt House. The ground floor consisted of recreation rooms, a library and living accommodation for the caretaker. The upper floor, much as it is now, consisted of a large room with a permanent stage. Miss Kathleen Hawker of Teign Lawn became Secretary in 1902 until her death in 1947. During the Second World War the Hall hosted a school for evacuee children and was used as a Drill Hall for the Home Guard. A caretaker was responsible for heating the baths used by working men from the clay and brickworks and taking bookings for the billiard and snooker table. The aim of the Club was to keep the young men of the village away from the pubs and cider houses. Women were not admitted as full members until 1958.

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