At a meeting on 20th March, tenants of Chudleigh Knighton allotments voted by 14 votes to 3 to form an allotment association. 5 tenants came forward to form a committee and discussions are being taken forward.

Bird Flu

Defra announced on 18 January 2018 that following a second finding of AI H5N6 in wild birds in Warwickshire an extended AI prevention zone now applies across the whole of England. This is not a housing order but a legal requirement to follow strict biosecurity procedures and applies to all bird keepers including those with birds on allotments and in their back gardens.

Public Health England have advised the risk to public health remains very low and the Food Standards Agency have said that bird flu does not pose a food safety risk for UK consumers.

The prevention zone means bird keepers across the country must:

  • Ensure the areas where birds are kept are unattractive to wild birds, for example by netting ponds, and by removing wild bird food sources;

  • Feed and water your birds in enclosed areas to discourage wild birds

  • Minimise movement in and out of bird enclosures;

  • Clean and disinfect footwear and keep areas where birds live clean and tidy;

  • Reduce any existing contamination by cleansing and disinfecting concrete areas, and fencing off wet or boggy areas.

The prevention zone will be in place until further notice and will be kept under regular review as part of our work to monitor the threat of bird flu.

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Hennock Parish Council has three allotment sites:

Teign Village - This allotment has 59 plots and is managed by the Teign Village Allotment Association the chairperson of which is Cllr Jan Williamson, telephone 01626 853236 or e-mail:

Chudleigh Knighton - The Parish Council manages this allotment which comprises 50 plots. There are no vacancies at present, but to be added to the waiting list, please telephone the Clerk to the Parish Council, Helen Reynolds, telephone 01626 832336 or e-mail:

Hennock - The allotment site has been revamped and allotment plots are now available.  Please contact the Clerk, Helen Reynolds, for further information at or 01626 832336
All Parish Council allotment holders are required to pay the annual rental by the 25th March for the forthcoming twelve months and abide by the Parish Council’s regulations which deal with usage of plots and duration of tenancy.

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