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Hennock Parish Council has three allotment sites:

Teign Village - This allotment has 59 plots and is managed by the Teign Village Allotment Association the chairperson of which is Cllr Jan Williamson, telephone 01626 853236 or e-mail:

Chudleigh Knighton - This allotment has 50 plots and is managed by Chudleigh Knighton Allotment Association. Please click on Chudleigh Knighton Allotment Association for more information.  

Hennock - The allotment site has been revamped and has 16 allotment plots.


There are currently no plots available.


If you would like to be considered or would like to join the waiting list please contact Elly Maynard the Clerk for further information at or 07841 215606


Avian Bird Flu:


An update poster about Bird Flu from Animal and Plant Health agency saying housing measures end 18th April 2023.
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