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Parish Flora and Fauna

Welcome to the Hennock Parish Biodiversity database. Feel free to use it, and perhaps look for some of the species listed in it, in your gardens or the next time you take a walk within the Parish.  We hope you will also help us expand our knowledge of the local biodiversity by sending us a report of any new species you find or where you find a species is in a different part of the Parish than is listed.


This data list shows the different species of flora and fauna found within Hennock Parish and when known, the end of the Parish where they have been reported. It is an important part of the Parish Council's response to the Climate Emergency and will help monitor the health of the local environment and it's flora and fauna. Regular updates will be made as further information is obtained.


If you see something that is not currently listed or is at a different end of the Parish than shown, please do let us know by completing the reporting form.  If you want to send any photographs or need help with identification please email

Photographs taken by Cllr Chris Applewood within Hennock Parish, please click on the photos then click go to link for the related database.

We have inserted links to further information  regards a range of species that you can access by clicking on the species name eg Blue Tit. 

These will take you to more information about the species on a the number of websites including; Wildlife Trusts, BTO, RSPB, Butterfly Conservation, Devon Moths and the British Dragonfly society.   If you are interested in playing a more active role in conservation it is well worth joining one or more of these societies.

Report Sightings to Us

Thanks for reporting your sighting to us! We'll get back to you soon.

The data has been arranged and presented in a user friendly way  by Hennock Parish Council and any mistakes are the fault of the Council and not the organisations who have helped provide some of the source data.


Hennock Parish Council would like to sincerely acknowledge and thank all organisations and individuals who have contributed to this datalist, without whom, it would not exist.  These include Devon Wildlife Trust, British Trust for Ornithology, Devon Biodiversity Record Centre and individual parishioners and reference has also been made to the National Biodiversity website.

As well as sending us any new data you can report directly to the BTO on its website using Gardenwatch or BirdTrack and the Biological Record Centre by using the "irecord App".

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